Painted Glass Bus Decoration

Red is such a festive colour so some of these painted glass London bus decorations against the green of a Christmas tree would create a wonderful stylish look. Wrap a couple up from Father Christmas and they’ll stay in the family for years to come. Dimensions: 9cm Wide x 3cm Deep x 5cm High


Painted Glass Crown

Every family will enjoy the annual tree decorating when you have decorations like this elegant little painted glass crown. Finished with intricate detail and bold colours, it’s a standout decoration if ever we saw one. Dimensions: 8cm Diameter x 8cm High


Painted Glass Frog Dec

A bright pop (or hop?) of colour on the tree is always welcome so collect a couple of these painted glass frog decorations. He’ll be an extremely well dressed guest. Dimensions: 8cm High


Painted Glass Pug Dec

Anyone who owns, wants or loves dogs and animals will adore this painted glass pug Christmas tree decoration. Something different to add to your decoration collection for this year. Dimensions: 12cm High


Painted Glass Soldier

Londoners at home or away will so appreciate the addition of a little guardsman this Christmas. A painted glass decoration complete with bearskin and rifle, we love the detail on this painted glass soldier. Dimensions: 15cm High


Painted Santa on Scooter

Children and adults alike will love how bright and colourful this Santa on a scooter is, complete with a stash of wrapped presents. A painted glass decoration that’s worthy of pride of place. Dimensions: 11cm Wide x 11cm High


Pewter Glitter Bird

Clipping decorations to a tree as opposed to hanging them often results in less dropped pines (especially when little hands are helping out) and when they look like this adorable glittery bird, it’s impossible not to be tempted. Collect a couple of tinsel decorated birds and let them add a little sparkle to your house. […]


Red and Gold Jewelled Tree

A new addition to our Christmas decoration haul is this stunning red and gold jewelled tree, perfect for lovers of design. The red tree with gold detailing would make the ideal addition to a mantelpiece or bookshelf, bringing a touch of modern festivity to all sorts of rooms. Dimensions: 14cm Diameter x 44cm High


Resin Gentleman Zebra Dec

Dressed in the classic Christmas colours of red and green, this is a very smart gentlemanly zebra. Pair him with the gentleman giraffe but he’ll make as much of an impact on his own. Dimensions: 16cm High


Resin Giraffe Gentleman Dec

A quirky decoration for fun Christmas trees, this is a very tall and extremely well-dressed gentleman giraffe. Get one on its own or pair him with his zebra counterpart. Dimensions: 16cm High


Santa with Sack in Fur Boots

Every hall or home entrance needs a sure sign that Christmas has arrived and this Santa with sack is the perfect thing. All members of the family are sure to feel the Christmas spirit once this Santa makes his appearance. Dimensions: 45cm High  


Two Green Fir Trees on Log

Little and large sit side by side on their trusty log, adding the simplest but most beautiful festive touch to any surface at home this winter. The perfect addition to your table. Dimensions: 23cm Wide x 26cm High


White Embossed Stag

A white embossed stag is the perfect Christmas addition for various rooms in the house. Collect a mixture of the two styles and create your own festive display. Dimensions: 28cm Wide x 41cm High


Wooden Nutcracker Ornament Green

Nothing says traditional Christmas like a classic nutcracker. We have a red one and a green one, both of which would make wonderful presents for all sorts of family members. We can’t choose between them so we’re getting one of each. Dimensions: 9cm Wide x 8cm Deep x 31cm High


Wooden Nutcracker Ornament Red

If there’s one thing that sums up childhood Christmas stories, it’s a classic painted nutcracker. We have one in red and one in green and either would make a wonderful present for all sorts of family members. We’re quite tempted to get one for ourselves too! Dimensions: 9cm Wide x 8cm Deep x 31cm High


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