Bowls and Jugs

Apple Green Glass Jug

This bright apple green jug will be brilliantly at home on any number of summery tables. Perfect for ice water or a fruity Pimms on a hot day. Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm High Capacity: 1.5L


Beaten Silver Plated Jug

Simple yet stylish; this beaten silver water jug will be perfectly in place on any table. Delicate enough for your smartest dinner parties but practical enough for every day use, its elegant design will make it a firm kitchen staple. Dimensions : 21cm High


Etched Glass jug

Infinitely more fun than a standard water jug, this etched jug with chrome base, handle and rim is a contemporary take on a table staple. One of these on each end of your table will do wonders for smartening up a kitchen supper.Dimensions: 17cm Wide x 11cm Deep x 25cm High


Hand Painted Leaf Bowl White and Pink

There’s something so summery about this pink and blue bowl, hand painted win the prettiest colours. A set of these over a white tablecloth with some flowers would be the most perfect tablescape. Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 4cm High


Lemon Ceramic Dish

Everyone loves bright ceramics and this large lemon ceramic dish always flies off the shelves. Bright yellow ceramics on a white tablecloth has summer written all over it. Dimensions: 30cm x 21cm x 5cm High


Lemon Ceramic Dish Small

Pair this small lemon shaped and lemon coloured ceramic dish with the large one for a mix and match to your dinner and tableware. We’ve also got one of these for collecting bits and bobs in the kitchen. Dimensions: 20cm x 16cm x 4cm High


Lemon Ceramic Trio Dish

The lemon trio dish in a bright bright yellow ceramic looks good enough to eat. Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 10cm High


Long Oval Horn Bowl

Dispense with your usual trinket trays and try a different shape. This horn tray made from ethically sourced materials in a slim oval shape won’t take up too much space but will be just as useful as it is chic. Dimensions: 30cm x 12cm


Millefleurs Bowl

The inspiration for this exquisite pattern was a garden in full bloom, pansies, roses, geraniums, camelias, cornflowers and more. Dimensions: 31cm Diameter


Ocean Bowl

Inspired by tropical beaches and sea life, the Ocean collection will add gorgeous colour to any home. Dimensions: 31cm Diameter


Set of Four Glass Dishes

Small glass dishes are the sorts of things that get used endlessly. Pop one next to a coaster with some G&T accompaniments; have a couple on a dressing table for cotton wool balls or jewellery, or keep them around the drawing room atop piles of magazines where ashtrays would once have been. Dimensions: 12cm x […]


Turquoise Glass Jug

Our brightest jug to date, this turquoise glass jug is a summer essential. Keep it for all manner of cocktails or as a water jug in the middle of the table. Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm High Capacity 1.5L


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