Crocodile Placemats Burgundy

Smarten up your daily dining experience at home with a unique set of faux crocodile placemats. These deep red mats, in a set of 4, are almost too good to eat off. Dimensions: 30cm x 22cm


Crocodile Placemats Tan

If your kitchen table could use a bit of a glamorous touch then decorate it with these smart faux crocodile table mats. Comes in a set of 4. Dimensions:30cm x 22cm


Set 4 Glass Laurel Coaster

Popping some simple glassware on these mirrored coasters makes for the most beautiful reflective table. Just add candlelight. Dimensions: 12cm Diameter


Set 4 Glass Laurel Placemats

These glass mirror placemats do wonders for a simple table setting. During the day, pop some wild flowers on one of these mats in the middle of the table and it will make the flowers seem far bigger. In the evenings, add some tealights or candlesticks for a gorgeous flickering effect. Dimensions: 30cm Diameter


Set of Four Glass Dishes

Small glass dishes are the sorts of things that get used endlessly. Pop one next to a coaster with some G&T accompaniments; have a couple on a dressing table for cotton wool balls or jewellery, or keep them around the drawing room atop piles of magazines where ashtrays would once have been. Dimensions: 12cm x […]


Stag Cheese Knives

A cheeseboard is the perfect addition to a cosy dinner party and this set of stag head cheese knives will be a talking point amongst all your guests. If ever we need inspiration for a gift list…this is where we’re going to start. Dimensions: 17cm Long


Stag Salad Servers

A fun addition to any Kitchen, stag salad servers will make an excellent present for all sorts of friends and family. Stuck with what to get someone this year? These salad servers are bound to be a success. Dimensions: 27cm Long


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