Decorative Accessories

Emerald Green Obelisk

The Egyptians built obelisks at the entrances to their temples for the sun god Ra- any light that comes through this mini obelisk will be beautifully refracted through the vibrant green colour.Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm x 30cm


Etched Glass Ice Bucket

An etched glass ice bucket with chrome detailing and tongs is bound to jazz up your glassware collection. Combine it with our matching etched glass jug for extra elegance.Dimensions: 24cm Wide x 17cm Deep x 20cm High


Etched Glass jug

Infinitely more fun than a standard water jug, this etched jug with chrome base, handle and rim is a contemporary take on a table staple. One of these on each end of your table will do wonders for smartening up a kitchen supper.Dimensions: 17cm Wide x 11cm Deep x 25cm High


Faux Coral Decoration

If you can’t go on holiday, bring the holiday to you. There are always places to put decorative accessories so it’s easy to make way for coral decorations. These come in two sizes and the detail on them is incredible. Dimensions: 28cm x 24cm x 13cm High


Faux Coral Decoration Small

Pair this small coral decoration with our bigger one to create a mini seaside feel on bookshelves, desks or tables. Dimensions: 18cm x 16cm x 10cm High


Feather Candle Holder

Feathers are going to be all over the place this year so why not jump on the bandwagon by getting yourself some of these elegant feather-decorated glass candle jars. Featuring a simple but beautiful feather design, they would also make excellent gifts for all sorts of hosts.Dimensions: 15.5cm High x 15cm Diameter


Flora and Fauna Ceramic Tray

Our collection of trinket trays just got a lot more beautiful with the arrival of this decorated flora and fauna print ceramic tray. It’s so pretty that we’ve bought one for all sorts of friends and relatives…and one for ourselves as well. Dimensions: 29cm x 15cm x 2.5cm


Goat Head on Stand

Any animal lover would be thrilled with one of these animal head figurines. Choose from this majestic ram or elegant antelope; brilliant for those who like things a little quirky. Dimensions: 11cm x 10cm x 23cm High


Gold Artichoke Jar

We love these gold artichoke pots- what look like decorative pieces are in fact jolly useful storage pots with removable lids. A pair of these on a kitchen dresser on a hall table will be wonderful additions to your home. Dimensions: 12cm Diameter x 23cm High


Gold Resin Leaf Plate

This fun and chic gold leaf-shaped plate will make a great present this year. Its uses are endless or it can just be used as a pretty household item. We like them so much that we’ve collected several.Dimensions: 26cm x 15cm


Gold World Map Tray

Maps are welcome anywhere in our house- on walls, on globes and now we can have them on trays. Whether this is a tray that stays put or is used for transporting glassware, the world map on the base of this elegant copper-coloured tray will fast make it a favourite with you and your guests.Dimensions: […]


Golden Pineapple

We always love adding gold to our collection and resin fruit is a fun and unusual addition to your house. Keep this gold pineapple as a jolly kitchen decoration and it might encourage family members to reach for the fruit bowl more often. Dimensions: 15cm x 31cm High


Green and Yellow Glass Knot Ornament

Even the most traditionally styled homes can enjoy some slightly more contemporary decorative accessories. This green glass knot has hints of blue and yellow in it; one of these on a Hall table will add a much needed splash of colour. Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 20cm


Green Cabbage Leaf Plate

Leaves are the best shape for holding trinkets or bits and bobs and this ceramic cabbage leaf dish makes a welcome addition to our collection of trinket trays and dishes. Keep one on your dressing table for jewellery or on the dining table as a serving or unique side plate…this dish has so many uses. […]


Green Ceramic Artichoke

We’re so pleased that these have arrived! For creating unique tablescapes look no further than ceramic artichokes. This green one can be put on plates or in and amongst crockery for a fun summery touch. Dimensions: 13cm Long x 10cm Diameter


Green Ceramic Cone Ornament

Put your tablescaping hat on and use some of these green ceramic cones on your dinner tables this summer. Green ceramics go perfectly with simple white crockery and glassware. Dimensions: 14cm Long x 12cm Diameter


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