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Aqua Baby Alpaca Throw

A beautiful throw of unbelievable softness and a very pretty aqua colour that is ideal for beds, sofas…or around shoulders. Dimensions: 130cm x 200cm


Aqua Painted Candelabra

Summer dining needs a couple of table essentials and a rustic candlestick is certainly one of them. Light a warm evening with candlelight; the ideal finishing touch.Dimensions: 45cm Wide x 37cm High  


Aqua/Grey Reversible Merino Throw

A merino throw makes for a wonderful present and this aqua and grey one is reversible; instantly one of our most versatile…and therefore covetable. 100% Merino Wool Dimensions: 130cm x 180cm


Blue Limoges Tresor Small Square Tray

A Limoges trinket tray is a forever trinket tray. This square china dish has a beautiful navy pattern and is perfect for bedside tables, in drawing rooms or as a gift for someone very special. Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm


Cranberry Crystal Tumbler

Adding to our collection of beautiful crystal tumblers with a soft cranberry colour. Indoors or outdoors; for wine or for water, a couple of these are the ideal year-round glassware of choice. Dimensions: 9.5cm High x 8.5 Diameter


Gymnast in Hoop Sculpture

Perfect for the person who is impossible to buy for; our gymnast in a hoop would make a great addition to any bookshelf or mantelpiece. Dimensions: 36cm Wide x 47cm High x 12cm Deep


Hand Painted Large Oval Platter White and Lime

Our outdoor parties this summer are going to require platters, plates and bowls a-plenty. Start with this hand painted oval platter with a pretty green and yellow pattern and you can’t go far wrong. Dimensions: 19cm x 40cm


Hand Painted Large Oval Platter White and Pink

Overhaul your china for the summer months with hand painted bowls, platters and plates. Our hand painted pink and green oval platter is big enough for drinks or dinner parties. Dimensions: 19cm x 40cm


Hand Painted Large Round Platter White and Lime

Sunshine on a plate. A green and yellow round platter, painted by hand and the go-to choice for the summer. Dimensions: 38cm Diameter


Hand Painted Large Round Platter White and Red

Pretty china was made for outdoor parties: tea, drinks or dinner. You’ll get so much use out of our hand painted bowls and platters that one won’t be enough. Dimensions: 38cm Diameter


Hand Painted Leaf Bowl White and Pink

There’s something so summery about this pink and blue bowl, hand painted win the prettiest colours. A set of these over a white tablecloth with some flowers would be the most perfect tablescape. Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 4cm High


Hand Painted Leaf Bowl White and Teal

Tablescaping for the summer just got a whole lot easier thanks to the arrival of some beautiful hand painted ceramics. Our green and teal bowls are leaf-shaped and painted in colourful patterns. Not only would these be great on any table at home, they’d also make wonderful presents. Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 4cm High


Hand Painted Long Platter Blue and Yellow

Entertaining outdoors calls for bright colours and practical pieces- this blue and teal hand painted platter fulfils both. For tea, drinks or dinner parties in the garden…this is an essential. Dimensions: 11cm x 49cm


Hand Painted Long Platter Lime and Teal

One of the most colourful things we’ve ever had in the shop, we love this long and very useful platter, hand painted in a fabulous lime green. A favourite of ours. Dimensions: 11cm x 49cm


Hand Painted Long Platter White and Pink

We can’t get enough of the beautiful new additions to our china collection. Hand painted in pinks, greens and blues…it’s almost impossible to choose between them. Dimensions: 11cm x 49cm


Horn Pen Pot

Add some personal touches to your home office with horn desk accessories. There’s something very chic about a horn pen pot…so you will probably need more than one. Dimensions: 7cm Diameter x 12cm High


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